Wacky Hybrid Appliances

A tanning shower? A washing machine toilet? Check out this round-up of the most brilliant (fine, inept) gadget combinations around
This washing machine flushes valuable water down the toilet, literally. A notable mention in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008, the prototype stores water after each washing cycle, which is then used to flush the toilet below it. In addition to its eco-friendly aspects, it is also a good space saver. Core77 Core 77

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Because a cramped apartment clearly shouldn’t interfere with your love of a freshly-tapped keg, or a tan, or clean clothes. From the useful (a toilet which shoulders a washing machine) to the inane (showers sporting tanning lamps!), these gadgets all tap into a deep-seated desire: “It’s a thing! That does another thing!”

Folks, this is human ingenuity at its apex. Enjoy.

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