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Not many men can convince their wives to sacrifice the coffee table in their shoebox-sized apartment and replace it with a foosball table. But what if the coffee table was the foosball table?

Yes, it’s really true. The Offside Football Coffee Table functions as both game and table. A ten-millimeter-thick slab of glass turns the football field into a dome and provides ample space for the drinks of potential participants. The solid oak construction adds a level of class that just might convince your better half to include a bar-room game in front of the Pottery Barn couch. There’s even a stool designed in a similar fashion, because everyone loves matching furniture.

At a cost of £1,495, you better hope your wife doesn’t stop to figure the currency conversion ($2,330). Before you attempt to sell her on the idea, we recommend a few enhancements. First, the table should rise up to waist height when it’s being used for foosball purposes, and then collapse down for its coffee-table function. Playing foosball on your knees or sitting in the couch just doesn’t feel right. We’re also thinking the glass top should function as a privacy glass. Just flip a switch and the glass goes opaque, hiding the foosball team for more formal dinner parties. Now, how about a pool table…?