DigitalGlobe Satellite Returns High-Resolution Photos of Oil Slick

New images show oil’s spread; leak is 5 times worse than originally thought

Oil Slick Seen From Space

The Macondo oil well is leaking almost 5,000 barrels per day into the Gulf of Mexico, five times more than originally thought. It's pretty clear from space just how much oil that is. The white speck is a plane flying over the slick.DigitalGlobe

The massive oil spill from a BP offshore drilling rig threatens marine ecosystems and fisheries as it makes its way to the shoreline. Here's how it looks from above.

The Macondo well is spilling 5,000 barrels of oil per day into the gulf, about five times more than well owner British Petroleum initially reported. Efforts to stem the leak using controlled burning and even undersea robots have been unsuccessful so far.