Video: Hydraulic Beverage-Making Typewriter Turns Words Into Mixology

An oft-repeated truism (and a much-loved one, especially on Fridays) holds that writing and drinking go hand in hand. Now this is literally true, with a lovely invention that displays letters via a QWERTY keyboard, and pumps out potent potables with every keystroke.

Behold the amazing spirituous typewriter, courtesy of Russian artist and DIYer Morskoiboy. It converts words into colorful cocktails, via a handmade hydraulic system that connects to every letter in the Latin alphabet.

The keys serve as pumps, pouring a different liquid with every letter. “Imagine that each letter can have a taste (L-Lime, A-Apple), a color (R-Red, G-Green), or a name (K-Kahlua, J-Jagermeister),” Morskoiboy explains on his website. It even has a large LCD-like (liquid cocktail?) display, which is illuminated using multicolored syrup. You’ll have to watch the demo video to really appreciate this.

Here’s hoping he posts his schematics to Instructables so we can all have one.