Robot taxidermy

Finally, something that you can do with that “dead” Aibo of yours.
A robot lion head mounted as a hunting trophy on a white wall.

France Cadet

What do you get when you cross stitch taxidermy with the mug of a “dead” robot? Well, if you’re the artist and robot teacher France Cadet, you get a wall full of interactive robo-trophies programmed to react to their environment.

A mounting board plus a taxidermied robot dog equals a mounted robot dog hunting trophy. Illustration.
How the process works. France Cadet

Officially dubbed “hunting trophies” by Cadet, these taxi-droids literally leap off the wall. Bristling with sensors, motors, speakers, and obligatory LEDs, each “head” is individually programmed to respond to passerbys with a chain reaction of growls and yelps, hitting viewers with a parting shot of guilt. Who among us is insensitive enough not to pity the whimpers of a disembowled i-Cybie head mounted to a board?

Poor little fella.

Actually, Cadet’s installation features the noggins of 11 different dead i-Cybie fellas. Adding further insult to their lobotomized injury, each of these PETA pets’ heads has been outfitted with antlers, horns, fur, and/or spots for mimicking an animal that is frequently mounted as a trophy. The horror!

Can a Robosapien morgue be far behind?

Eleven fake hunting trophies made out of toys, mounted on a white wall.
Quite the gallery. France Cadet