CES 2015: Spy On (And Play With) Your Pet From Afar With Petcube

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It’s the hardest part of the day for pet owners. Watching your dog or cat mournfully look up at you with those big eyes as you walk out the door to go to work. And the worst part? You won’t be coming back for another eight hours. All sorts of terrible things could be happening to Fluffy while you’re gone, and you would have no clue.

Although numerous apps and nanny cams have been created for monitoring children, the Petcube, showcased here at CES, is a product specifically geared toward keeping your eyes on your pet. The sleek box sports a 138-degree wide-angle camera that streams HD 720p video to your smartphone. There’s also two-way audio capability, allowing you to hear any strange noises coming from your home, as well as talk to your pet when your co-workers aren’t looking.

Perhaps the coolest/cutest feature is the option to play with your pet from afar. Built in to the Petcube is a laser pointer that you can control with your iPhone or Android. Just touch the video feed on your smartphone, and a laser will appear on your floor at home, confusing your cat or dog into a tired frenzy. They’ll catch that elusive red dot one day, just wait.

CES 2015: Spy On (And Play With) Your Pet From Afar With Petcube

Out Damned Spot

Recently funded through Kickstarter, Petcube is only $199 and a second batch of shipments will be going out in February.

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