CES 2015: A Smart Pacifier For Peace Of Mind

You won't lose this one--satellites can track it

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Getting a thermometer in the mouth or under the arm of a fussy infant can be nearly impossible. Blue Maestro’s new Pacif-i makes taking your toddler’s temperature as simple as sticking a pacifier in their mouth.

Equipped with temperature sensors covered in a soft silicone, Pacif-i monitors your child’s body temperature and transmits the data using Bluetooth Smart to an Android or iOS device. When the app determines the most accurate readings, it plots them on a graph. It can even flag a rising fever. Parents are also able to plot when the child was given medication, and the data can be shared with medical providers.

An added bonus: You’d be hard pressed to lose this pacifier. The app uses your phone’s GPS to remember the last place the pacifier was , and once you’re within Bluetooth range, Pacif-i will begin beeping so you can locate it and appease your crying child. You can get your hands on this smart pacifier for $39 starting in February.

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