CES 2015: The Internet Of Pets

New technology connects Fluffy to the cloud, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

At CES, there’s no shortage of products to track your wellness, steps, even vital signs. So why not get your pets in on the game? A new breed of connected technology aims to boost Sparky’s health and safety, and help him have a little bit of fun, too. Check out some of our favorite techy pet products in this gallery.

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Scout 5000

While the Scout 5000 has all the GPS bells and whistles, it goes one step further. Sort of like a GoPro for your dog, it allows you to see what your dog is seeing. The video is live-streamed to your phone, and if the dog is in a stressful situation, you can soothe him or give him commands. The collar also has bark detection, which can notify you when the dog is being a little too rowdy. Bad dog!


Having pets isn’t just about playing. You’ve got to feed them, too. Petnet is a robotic food dispenser. You can schedule feedings and make sure your pudgy pooch isn’t eating more than he should be.


This little Wi-Fi-enabled box lets you spy on your pet while you’re out of the house. Petcube has a camera that provides you with a live feed, and a built-in laser lets you play with (or torment) your pet from afar. If your pup is acting up, a microphone allows you to scold him.

Tagg GPS Plus

Know where you pet is at all times with the Tagg GPS Plus. Attach it to a collar for activity tracking, GPS, and even temperature sensing. It pairs with an app that keeps you posted on whether your dog is trying to escape or if she’s overheating during the summer.