CES 2015: The Internet Of Pets

New technology connects Fluffy to the cloud, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
Scout 5000 lets you watch what your pet sees

While the Scout 5000 has all the GPS bells and whistles, it goes one step further. Sort of like a GoPro for your dog, it allows you to see what your dog is seeing. The video is live-streamed to your phone, and if the dog is in a stressful situation, you can soothe him or give him commands. The collar also has bark detection, which can notify you when the dog is being a little too rowdy. Bad dog! Courtesy Motorla

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At CES, there’s no shortage of products to track your wellness, steps, even vital signs. So why not get your pets in on the game? A new breed of connected technology aims to boost Sparky’s health and safety, and help him have a little bit of fun, too. Check out some of our favorite techy pet products in this gallery.

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Petcube lets you play with your pets while you're away
Tagg Plus GPS lets you know when your dog overheats