New Electric Car Seats Two, Hits 75 MPH, Needs a Name

Electric-vehicle startup Myers Motors already builds a one-seat electric car with three wheels. Now, the company says a new model is on the way with something extra novel -- a passenger seat. Dubbed the NMG2 (the first model is called NMG), the part-car-part-motorcycle will also get more storage space, creature comforts like air conditioning and a 60-mile range on a charge of its lithium-ion battery.

(An optional battery pack, the company says, will extend the range to 100 miles).

Essentially a commuter vehicle, the NMG2 will top out at 75 mph and sell for under $30,000, the current price of the one-seater. The Ohio-based company says it hopes to build and sell up to 10,000 of the vehicles over the next several years.

Myers Motors Unveils New Electric Three Wheeler

Ohio-based Myers Motors unveiled its second electric vehicle -- tentatively titled NMG2 (no more gas, two seats). The company says the three-wheeler, which will go on sale in late 2010, will top out at 75 mph and travel 60 miles on a charge.Myers Motors

New Electric Car from Myers Motors, the NMG2

Myers Motors' first three-wheeled electric car, the NMG carries one passenger and has a 30-mile range. The NMG2 (pictured) doubles the capacity and the range. The company hopes to build and sell up to 10,000 of the models.Myers Motors

New Electric Car from Myers Motors Seats Two, Needs a Name

Myers Motors says the company doesn't yet have a name for the NMG2, but the Tallmadge, Ohio company will run a contest to name the $30,000 electric three-wheeler during October and November of this year.Myers Motors

Myers Motors NMG2 to Sell For Less Than $30,000

Technically a motorcycle, according to DOT rules, the three-wheeled NMG2 will sell for less than $30,000 when it goes on sale in fourth quarter 2010. Electric-car startup Myers Motors says it will release more details and preordering information later this year.Myers Motors