Canadian ‘Freezeway’ Will Let Commuters Ice Skate To Work

It’s an idea after Ben Wyatt’s heart. The BBC reports that the Canadian city of Edmonton is thinking about taking advantage of the cold, dark nature of its winters and creating an 11-kilometer-long (almost 7 miles) ‘Freezeway.’ The Freezeway would function as a bike path and greenway in the summer, then, once the weather started getting cold, flooded and frozen, creating an icy surface that residents could use to skate to work. The idea was presented at the 2015 Winter Cities Shake-Up a conference for urban planners and others based in chilly cities.

Having outdoor skating paths isn’t a totally new idea in Canada–Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is approaching a record number of consecutive days of skating this winter. While the idea seems to have gained enthusiastic support from some people in Edmonton, others, including City Council member Mike Nickel are skeptical. Nickel told the BBC the Freezeway was “the stupidest idea I’ve heard.”