Cameras On The ISS Capture Gorgeous Time-Lapse Footage Of Three Hurricanes

Meet Gaston, Lester, and Madeline

In the eye of a hurricane there might be quiet, but seen from the above, these massive tropical storms are anything but demure.

Yesterday, cameras positioned on the outside of the International Space Station captured gorgeous time-lapse footage of three Hurricanes currently swirling across the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere.

The video is silent, but the images show the immensity of the three storms spread out across the curve of the Earth.

Lester and Madeline are currently headed for Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, while Gaston veers towards the Azores in the Atlantic. Gaston was also recently surveilled by a Global Hawk, a surveillance drone, earlier this week.

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be normal after several years of below-normal hurricane activity.

If the first video was too fast, check out an alternate cut from NASA, with slightly slower pans across the storms.