No matter what kind of day you’ve had, wrapping yourself like a burrito in your favorite comforter and losing yourself in a book can be the perfect prelude to a snooze. If you share a bed, a good book light means you don’t have to annoy your partner to escape into a story. Have a bed all to yourself? A book light can help make the transition from brightness to sweet dreams. Whether you’re diving into pulp fiction, enjoying a coffee table book away from the coffee table, or using an e-reader, we’ve got options.

Nighttime illumination: The Original Mighty Bright Book Light

Lengthy Battery Life

Simple design you can count on. Amazon

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This simple light is best for small and medium-sized books. Bend the gooseneck to exactly where you want it, and dim as needed. At a color temperature of 3000k, you get a white light that still has warmth. In a room without any other illumination, enjoy casting shadows that suggest clandestine meetings under lamp posts. Recharge using the micro USB cable for a battery life of about 10 hours on the highest setting.

Two bulbs: LuminoLite Rechargeable LED Warm Book Light

Attaches To Your Read

Dual focus perfect for studying. Amazon

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This hydra-like rechargeable book light also features a color temperature of 3000k, and has two heads you can bend for maximum coverage of larger volumes or magazines where you want to compare both sides of the page. You can turn on and dim each light separately. The dual focus design also works as a music stand light or to illuminate arts and crafts.

Easier on the eyes: Hoogalite Rechargeable Amber LED Clip-On Book Light

30 Hours Of Reading

Gentle and pleasing warmth. Amazon

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Anyone who is into the concept of sleep hygiene (which doesn’t actually involve changing your linens regularly, but do it anyway) will appreciate an LED that gets rid of almost all blue light that can keep you awake. The clip grips up to 1.5 inches and fits comfortably on a variety of books (and the Kindle Paperwhite), and the extremely flexible neck bends to whatever position you choose.

Hands-free: Ledgle LED Rechargeable Hug Light

Flexible Arms

No need to look like you’re spelunking. Amazon

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Some of us sleep peacefully all night, and some of us get tangled in the bedclothes. If you’re the latter, the prospect of reclipping a book light as you get further into a paperback or dealing with any added weight may not delight you. Instead, put this bright light around your neck for a hands-free experience. You’ll find many uses for its powerful brightness, which starts at a warmer 3000k and gets well into the blue light range at a maximum of 6500k.