The appeal of stopping at your local coffee spot for your morning brew has just as much to do with ritual as the drink itself. It’s a buffer between home and work—a place full of delicious aromas that promise to perk up your day. When it comes to bringing a reusable container however, visions of perfectly frothed cappuccinos quickly dissipate when you’re faced with drinking it out of insulated steel tube. These reusable options match the simple design of the disposable classic, and may even get you a discount on coffee for bringing your own cup.

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Ordering ice cubes with your joe just to make it drinkable from an insulated thermos shouldn’t have to be a thing. This affordable BPA-free plastic cup lets you sip your drink sooner. Pop it in the dishwasher after use, and reheat your drink as needed in the microwave. Note: It’s a doppelgänger of the throw-away version, so just be careful not to accidentally toss it.

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The silicone Stojo collapses into a disc just two inches tall. Keep one in your bag or purse and you’ll never be stuck without your reusable cup. It’s dishwasher and microwave-safe, with a heat sleeve to protect your mitts.

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Don’t disrespect your espresso by relegating it to the bottom of a thermos. Even if you are planning on downing your shot right away, skip a paper cup and grab this glass travel cup instead. The cork band provides a grip that keeps heat away from your hand, and the BPA-free lid allows you to carry it with you without spilling. Be sure to treat it like you would a paper coffee cup—it’s not meant to be stored in your bag or to keep your espresso or tiny cafe au lait hot any longer than paper would.

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The wide mouth and handle of this Hydro-Flask blends the appeal of an insulated, lidded, travel container with the comfort of cradling your favorite mug. You can keep your beverage hot or cold for hours if needed—but we hope your commute is a little quicker than that. The lid is primarily for heat retention, sipping, and to prevent spilling when you’re carrying it, so don’t put it in your briefcase. The interior is made with stainless steel to avoid transferring yesterday’s coffee taste to today’s green tea.