Mini fridges to stash your beers and/or skincare

Mini fridges: not just for college freshmen anymore. (But also still great for college freshmen.)

beer bottles in a refridgerator
Sometimes you want a fridge in your bedroom. Or office. Or dorm. Or closet. Or bathroom.Sam Balye via Unsplash

You’ll be pleased to see that the modern mini-fridge is well beyond the dark days of drab brown boxes crouching in a corner of the office break room. We picked a few standouts to keep up your energy as you study, vacation, or entertain.

EdgeStar Energy Star Compact Fridge/Freezer
The convenience of a real fridge, just smaller.Amazon

If you’re not home for meals very often but like to cook when you are, you’ll appreciate the space and freezer this fridge offers. At just under 3 feet tall, it can hang out comfortably in your apartment or dorm room. It defrosts automatically, so you won’t be chipping ice from the sides of your frozen options. The Energy Star rating means it is at least 15 percent more energy-efficient than federal minimums.

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator
Have you ever fallen in love with a fridge?Amazon

This retro dream (which also comes in mint, white, beige, and city blue) is Energy Star rated but does not have a freezer. At 4.4 cubic feet, it’s a good choice for a room or studio you rent as a B&B, or to tuck into the workshop in your garage. It’s also perfect for storing your face masks and jade rollers, if you’re someone who likes to keep a tiny fridge reserved for skincare. When you know exactly where you want a fridge to go, be sure to check which way the door opens (and if it’s adjustable). This one opens to the right.

NutriChef Nutrichef 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator
Just look at all those bottles waiting to be opened.Amazon

A wine cellar doesn’t have to be in your actual cellar. Store your red and white wine at the proper temperature and humidity and enjoy a bottle whenever you like. This quiet fridge holds 18 bottles and can be placed on a floor, table, or countertop.