Famous Novels’ First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic]

Sentence diagrams never looked this good

Maybe you spent a week in school making these, but the ones in your class almost definitely didn’t look as good. The folks at Pop Chart Lab, which now has an oeuvre of infographics depicting everything from classic games to beer, took a literary turn with their latest chart. A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Opening Lines of Notable Novels (itself one hell of a tongue-twister) is a series of simple Reed-Kellogg sentence diagrams, but there’s something special about placing them all next to each other. The start of Don Quixote _looks especially circuitous next to the deceivingly simple “124 was spiteful” of Toni Morrison’s _Beloved. Plus, “A screaming comes across the sky,” from Gravity’s Rainbow, is appropriately askew in this format.

Pop Chart Lab