With Really Simple Syndication, better known as RSS, you can get content from most of your favorite sites (including PopSci‘s blog) delivered to you every day simply by copying an RSS feed’s URL and pasting it into a newsreader (download one for Mac or Windows). And although it’s cool to get all your blog reading consolidated into a single place (Brangelina update, check! Gadget porn, check!), why not relive the life of Leonardo da Vinci while you’re at it?

The very definition of a Renaissance man, da Vinci filled his notebooks with everything from shopping lists to sketches for future paintings to prescient thoughts on future inventions like tanks and submarines. His collected daily writings total 1,565 pages, but thanks to the RSS feed on this Web site, you can take it all in slowly, one day at a time. Just subscribe to the feed to get a single page of LdV’s innermost musings delivered to your computer daily. Growing your hair long like Tom Hanks and combing Leo’s grocery lists for world-changing ciphers remain optional. —John Mahoney

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