ArXiv Oddities


The beauty of ArXiv (Cornell University’s vast repository of research papers) is that you never know what you’ll find in your RSS aggregator each morning. Depending on which channels you sign up for, you could get indecipherable gibberish on soft-condensed matter or impossibly complex gibberish on game theory or… the physics (and concealed heresies?) of Albrecht Durer. By closely examining Durer’s 1514 etching Melencolia I, author David Finkelstein teases out the artist’s interest in natural philosophy—a very hot topic in Renaissance Europe—and its bearing on theology. Finkelstein also claims to see hidden faces in the details of the engraving, and the sections of his paper have such headings as “Fools,” “Bat” and “Anagram.” But after 100 research works on astronomy, I welcome the distraction. —Martha Harbison