Apple Wants To Patent A Paper Bag

Is this the company's next big innovation?

Apple Paper Bag

Apple Paper Bag

Apple has applied to patent a paper bag.Screenshot

Hey Apple fans, big news: Apple has applied for a patent for a paper bag, as observed by Washington Post tech reporter Brian Fung.

Yep, like a shopping bag. No, it doesn't have a touchscreen or a microchip in it (nor a headphone jack, naturally). Yes, it will be white, in keeping with Apple's pristine aesthetics. Take a look at the picture above, which is some of the artwork submitted with the patent application. Looks like a pretty standard paper bag from a store, doesn't it? Yes, it sure does.

The application includes a call for at least 60 percent recycled content in the manufacturing, and was filed at the end of last week. Here's some language from this innovative product:

Background: Bags are often used for containing items. For example, retail bags may be used to contain items purchased at a retail store.

Not kidding. Take a look at the application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

I guess maybe this is Apple's approach to getting rid of those environmentally unfriendly plastic bags. And to be fair, Apple does note that the more recycled paper in any given product, generally the weaker and more prone to tearing it is. The specific folds of Apple's new bag, however, supposedly make it more structurally sound. It even has a nifty "collar" around the top reinforced by a "corrugated cardboard" insert. Seriously, paper nerds will geek out about this thing.

Anyways, look forward to the iBag—or whatever they decide to call it—coming soon to a store near you.