The 10 Best Things From June 2014

Get on your toy-car A-game because this one comes with an interchangeable suspension


A driver’s license may be years away for many toy-car owners, but that’s no reason why their vehicles shouldn’t handle like the real thing. Each Modarri car has an interchangeable suspension and front-wheel steering. $25


James Nestor’s book Deep begins above the ocean surface, steadily working down to researchers camped out at 60 feet below. It bottoms out at 28,700 feet, where autonomous bots comb deep trenches. $27

Whirlpool Microwave with AccuPop

Making popcorn is stressful: A few extra seconds and you have inedible charred chunks. Sound sensors in the new Whirlpool measure the duration between pops and adjust cooking time to ensure the perfect batch every time. $469

Black & Decker AutoSense Drill

This wireless drill is the first to stop itself before it strips heads or cracks surfaces. A microprocessor senses the changing torque of the screw as it bores into wood and signals the motor to stop in time. $80

SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight

Traditional nightlights can hog one or more outlets, so SnapPower embedded three LEDs into the Guidelight’s faceplate. The clever design keeps both outlets free. $20

Quirky + GE Aros

Until now, apartment dwellers have been mostly left out of the smart-home revolution. No longer. The Aros A/C window unit pairs with an app to learn a user’s behavior, power itself down when appropriate, and help keep energy bills in check. $300

Philips Hue Luminaire

Connected LED bulbs aren’t much to look at, which is why we tend to hide them beneath lampshades. But Philips’s 3-D–printed luminaires are bulb and shade in one high-design package. £1,999.00

Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro

Mini Metro is like The Sims for transit geeks with nerves of steel. In this multiplatform game, players satisfy demanding passengers by redesigning subway-system layouts to suit ever-changing needs. $5

HTC One (M8)

This smartphone could make you a better photographer. Two rear-facing lenses serve distinct purposes: one captures the image; the other, depth information. Users can refocus images even after they’ve taken the shot. $200 with contract

RoboReel Water Hose

Stop playing tug-of-war with your garden hose. RoboReel senses when you pull on the hose and starts a motor to help you unwind it. When you’re done watering, press a button to initiate retraction. $699