HTC 10
Two colors will be available at launch. Xavier Harding

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And so the dominos begin to fall on the life of the headphone jack. The upcoming HTC Bolt is rumored to be announced later this year, and in the meantime it looks a lot like the current HTC 10 device, without one major development: a jack.

If you’re reading this you’re probably aware that Apple made a lot of customers frustrated this year by eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 (to be fair, a Moto phone was released without a headphone jack even before that). HTC jumping on board would pose a new set of problems. First, they’d be tipping the boat seriously enough that all devices might drop it in the near future, effectively rendering most people’s headphones useless no matter what device they select.

But second, HTC doesn’t have a lightning port–and the USB jack both HTC and many other phone brands tend to pick for changing doesn’t have a lot of headphones on the market.

That would change, obviously, if headphone makers suddenly needed to change, but right now most people haven’t had to consider that as an option.

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