Watch A Lightsaber Deflect A Fireball

Technically it's a fake one batting away a roman candle, but still cool

Lightsaber vs. Fireball

Lightsaber vs. Fireball

Jedi vs. Wizard. Lightsaber vs. Fireball. The battle of the... well at least of the day.Youtube

Alright, everyone, prepare for the battle of the ages.

In the left corner, wearing a brown robe and carrying a blue lightsaber (probably made of plastic but you get the idea) is the Jedi Knight of Star Wars lore.

In the right corner, wearing a white robe and possessing the legendary fireball-throwing powers of a standard roman candle, is the wizard.

In all seriousness, and as a disclaimer, we couldn't think of a more stupid, dangerous, and entertaining video to make than a guy dressed as a wizard firing roman candle bursts at a guy with a toy lightsaber. So instead we just kept watching this one. You should too.

Just don't try it at home... because fire.