An Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker for 63 percent off? I’d buy it.

Save $125.

There are a lot of options for Bluetooth speakers, but some of the best are from Ultimate Ears. Three weeks ago I bought the Wonderboom speaker for my shower and can’t imagine a life sudsing up without it.

So when I signed on this morning to see that the limited edition Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 speaker is 63 percent off on Amazon, I added it to my shopping cart. Then I started writing this post.

I’m often excited by deals I spot on behalf of PopSci readers, but, frankly, this is one of the best I’ve seen in the last year. Buy it here.

The UE BOOM 2 provides a beefy 360-degree sound and deep bass tones. What’s more, with the PartyUp app, you can connect up to 50 UE speakers. I don’t know who would have that many speakers, but you can imagine how cool that would be at a mansion pool party or whatever. It’s also waterproof and shockproof, making it a good option for camping or a trip to the beach. The speaker also includes Siri and Google Now voice integration and can connect to Amazon Echo products, which allows for interactions with Alexa.

The UE BOOM 2 holds a 15-hour charge and there are four models to choose from: Deep Radiance, Origami, Panther, and Serendipity Blue. Before it sells out, get the speaker for $75. It’s usually $200.

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Billy Cadden

Billy CaddenBilly Cadden is the Director of Commerce for the Camden Media tech group. He was part of NYC indie rock band The Postelles, and currently releases solo music under his name. His latest work is available on all streaming platforms. Contact the author here.