NASA is about to drop a helicopter’s body from 30 feet in the air to test new seatbelts and seats, as well as gain data on crashworthiness, the measure of how safe people will be when the vehicle they’re in crashes. The space agency’s sharing the video live with the internet at 1 p.m. EDT, so we can all enjoy the experiment, too.

NASA has 40 cameras loaded on the inside and outside of the helicopter’s body–or fuselage–and 13 unlucky dummies inside. Also on board is an Xbox Kinect, the motion-sensing Microsoft gadget, which NASA will aim at the dummies in hopes of tracking their movements more accurately.

Pyrotechnics will release the fuselage from a cable, and the dummies will hit the ground going about 30 mph. Fun! But also sounds like a short spectacle, so be sure to stay tuned here at 1 p.m.