From Google, A Breathtaking Interactive Journey Through The Stars

Here’s a beautiful way to make yourself feel insignificant. A bunch of space-loving Google employees got together to make 100,000 Stars, a virtual tour through, well, 100,000 stars. You can zoom in and out, tumbling through our galaxy and beyond, while listening to a soundtrack from videogame score composer Sam Hulick.

Some of the closest stars are annotated, and you can click to learn more about them. The “tour” option also offers some facts as you move along. Maybe the most interesting tidbit: Voyager 1, the farthest man-made object, is 17 light hours away. That sounds like a lot until you see it in this context.

A little cheekily, Google also left this message regarding scientific accuracy:

Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation.

Check it out here.

100,000 Stars