The UK’s Seed Cathedral is the best pavilion at the 2010 Expo, hands down. After getting a chance to go inside, I’ve decided I want to not only worship but live amongst its 60,000 fiber-optic-lit seeds. Wouldn’t you?

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I’ve been inside many of the pavilions here (a look at many of them is coming up in a few hours), and the UK’s does everything right: an interesting, thoughtful (but not overwrought) concept, a form that matches that concept seamlessly, absolutely stunning visuals, a sense of humor, and practicality–it’s a comfortable place to be. You leave feeling not as if you’re personally acquainted with every person in the UK or the passions that lie at the heart of the country and its people (the king of all Expo cliches)–no, you leave wishing thanks to the Brits for giving you such a nice place to spend an hour or so. And that’s a good feeling.

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Everyone here has waited a long time for this moment–the lines continue to be among the longest at the Expo.

Inside a Seed-Filled Disco Ball

From afar, that’s how it appears. I told you it would be a great place to live.


Designed by Thomas Heatherwick (does a more British name exist?), the pavilion’s main idea is that to live, humans need plants. Simple as that.

The Seeds

Enter the Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank, the largest wild plant seed bank in the world. Like all seed banks, its mission is to keep a living archive of the planet’s wildly diverse plant life, protecting against worst-case scenario extensions or invasive species disruptions.

Yes, There’s One in Every Rod

Every single six-meter-long transparent rod carries an individual seed embedded on the inside end. The same rods extend through the pavilion’s walls, creating its spiny outer casing.

And There Are a Lot of Rods

It took a year for them all to be threaded into the pavilion’s walls by hand.


When the pavilion comes down, the rods and seeds will be donated to schools across the UK and China.

I Did Not Want to Leave

Or stop taking photographs.

Looking Glass

If you stare into the rods, you can see all the way through to the outside of the pavilion.

If I Lived Here, This Would Be My Yard

It had been raining all morning, yet the finely shredded faux-grass surface was dry enough to sit on. Another point for the Seed Cathedral. It’s oddly comforting, relaxing in its presence.

Nicknamed the Dandelion

In Mandarin, the same character is used at the end of the pronunciation of “UK” and the word for a dried dandelion seed puffball. Take a deep breath…

It Still Looks Like an Illusion

No matter how many times I see it.

The Rods’ External Ends

On one end, seeds and light; the other, the outside world

The Park’s Surface

It’s meant to resemble an unwrapped gift.


Looks like I have some competition once this present goes on the housing market.