Liquavista’s E-Paper Plays Full-Color Movies

E-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle DX, Sony’s Daily Edition, and Barnes & Noble’s multi-touch hybrid might want to start trembling. A new e-paper from Liquivista promises to allow video-playing and digital note-taking on a multi-touch, color screen.

Liquivista’s secret is an electrowetting display. The electrowetting technology uses an oil and water layer along with a hydrophobic surface, and applies light voltage to change the “wetting” properties of the surface. This helps create a light switch twice as efficient as LCDs.

The company licensed the electrowetting technology from Philips, and hopes to roll out three products soon.

It retains the high contrast of e-ink, but it uses significantly more power, a limitation that likely makes it more suited for use in a phone with 24-hour battery life than a Kindle you charge once a month.

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