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Iron Age plant remains tell new agricultural story in east Africa

Archeologists can tell quite a bit about ancient human life from plant fossils–dietary preferences, farming techniques, and even which sports were popular. Now, an international team of researchers found 2,300-year-old plant remains that are the earliest known evidence of plant farming in east Africa. These old flora are described in a study published July 10 […]

How to care for a Venus fly trap

The Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) captivates with its clever approach to survival, thriving in the coastal wetlands of North and South Carolina. This remarkable plant is not only known for its beautiful white blooms but also for its dramatic, insect-snaring capabilities. With leaves evolved into intricate traps, the Venus fly trap cleverly lures, captures, […]

This inedible, indestructible moss may help humans thrive on Mars

In terms of being hard-to-kill, few animals are more resilient than the tiny tardigrade. But the “water bear” isn’t the planet’s only nearly indestructible, extremotolerant living organism—an assuming desert moss known as Syntrichia caninervis can survive in some of the most inhospitable environments. Regardless of blistering heat, punishing cold, aridity, cloud cover, or radiation, S. […]

These parasitic plants force their victims to make them dinner

Parasitic plants make up about 1 percent of flowering species within the plant kingdom and their quirks and tricks continue to come with surprises. Some parasitic plants are now potentially evolving to be so dependent on their host plants, that they are losing sizable amounts of genomes related to basic biological processes like photosynthesis. The […]