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How to build a mosquito kill bucket

Mosquitoes threaten our comfort and health, as they can transmit diseases like malaria, Zika, West Nile virus, and heartworm. Not to mention the irritation of a constant itch. While traditional mosquito control methods often involve using insecticides that can harm beneficial insects and the environment, an effective alternative is using mosquito larva traps. These traps […]

How to hide apps on your iPhone

When voluntarily giving friends and family access to your phone (perhaps to take a photo or play a game), you don’t necessarily want to share all of the apps on your iPhone. Does your mom need to know you downloaded Tinder? Probably not. There are already ways to make apps less visible and less accessible on the […]

How to share your ETA in Google Maps or Apple Maps

When traveling from point A to point B, there may be someone waiting for you at the other end, whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague,  date, or another person. And that’s where the ability to share your estimated time of arrival through Google Maps or Apple Maps can be really helpful. It means the other […]

Windows and macOS can free up storage space for you—here’s how

If you start to run out of storage space on a desktop or laptop computer, you’ll soon know about it: Not only will you run into trouble finding room for new files, you’ll also notice Windows or macOS slowing down, as the operating system struggles to find space to carry out its day-to-day actions. Even […]

Inside the first non-alcoholic distillery in the United States 

I’m in the woods near Wahclella Falls, and I’m looking at an innocuous-looking plant that could be mistaken for parsley, except it’s water hemlock—found all over the United States and highly poisonous to humans. It’s what killed Socrates. Its nontoxic fraternal twin is Angelica archangelica—angelica or wild celery, one of the 150 mysterious herbs Carthusian […]

How to get water out of your phone speaker

While your phone may be advertised as water-resistant, that doesn’t mean that water can’t harm components like the speakers. Water in your phone’s speaker can result in a muffled sound, ruining your tunes while listening to music or making it hard to hear the person on the other end of the line. Unfortunately, water damage […]

The best mini fridges for offices in 2024

Companies increasingly require full-time workers to spend more days in the office, which means leaving behind the convenience of just wandering to the fridge when the mood strikes. Even just a hybrid work schedule means more commuting, and more commuting means considering costs. One of the easier ways to save money is skipping meals out […]