Tablet stands that hold iPads and more during video chats

Free up your hands while watching videos and more.

As the world becomes more connected, we’re all spending more time in front of multiple screens—laptops, monitors, tellies, and tablets—at the same time. And there comes a moment when balancing your tablet on your knee, or holding it at arm’s length, or propping it precariously on a pile of books will no longer quite cut it. Not least because it’s impossible to find a flattering angle on Zoom and other video chatting software that way. But there’s a wide range of tablet stands available to help free up your fingers and find that perfect angle. Here’s what to look for in a tablet stand. 

Minimalist in Aluminium

This foldable bracket is small and light enough to pop in a bag, but can just as easily live on a desk. The cutout back allows easy charging and the silicone cushion and hook prevent scratches. Cocoda


The first thing to consider is where you’ll be looking at your screen from. If you’ll be using it at your desk or dining table, or setting it on the kitchen counter, you’ll need a sturdy base bracket, which holds your tablet—horizontally or vertically—and can be angled to your desire. If you’re after something to hold your device while you watch films or read in bed, or lie back on the sofa, you might want to consider a freestanding rod-like holder, with a bracket to attach to furniture and a flexible arm with which to angle the screen.

Versatile Rod Holder

This modern-looking stem stand can be securely mounted on the edge of a desk, bedside table, headboard, kitchen counter, or even in the bathroom. The arm bends in all directions, with 360-degree rotation. Tryone


Some tablet stands are also adaptable for other devices, including smartphones game consoles. Do have a look at the compatibility of the stand before purchasing it. Some—but not all—can also hold a tablet in a case, so check the thickness that your stand can support.

Lightweight Option

With two adjustable joints, this aluminium stand offers a large rotational range and a cutout square on its base to allow for easier charging. Folds flat when not in use for easier travel. ZenCT


Finally, have a think about the features of your tablet stand. In addition to how it can rotate, does it leave the charging port free or is it covered? Does your stand grip devices on the sides or corners? And are there rubber or plastic pieces to stop it from getting scratched? Once you’ve answered all of these questions and thoroughly researched the options, you’re ready to get your tablet stand.