With streaming music, there’s a playlist for everything. You’ve got your slow jams, happy dance tunes, and productivity playlists to help you focus at work. With wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can bring your favorite music or podcasts to the pool or shower without having to climb out of the water to change or repeat songs. Here are some great options.

Cute and loud.

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Even though it’s a little less than a pound in weight, this device is built with a 10-watt subwoofer and doesn’t skimp on the bass. Make sure your speakers are charged using a USB cable, and when you’re ready to go swimming simply unplug, connect to Bluetooth, and set afloat in your pool. Select from five color modes of LED lights to create a party atmosphere. You don’t want to immerse the device totally, though it is IPX7 rated, which means it is waterproof up to 30 minutes when submerged in up to a meter of water. For full clarity of sound, consider purchasing the company’s floating ring to keep all parts above water.

Tiny but mighty. Amazon

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You may buy this speaker for your bathtub, shower, or pool, but you’ll find it useful and portable everywhere—from your nightstand to the beach. Purchase two and set them up to act as left and right channels when you pair them with your phone using Bluetooth.

Memorize lyrics while you shampoo. Amazon

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Attach this quality Bluetooth speaker to your shower wall with the built-in suction cup and belt power ballads as desired. Highly visible white buttons allow you to play, pause, change tunes, and adjust volume. You can also take calls via speakerphone if the device is paired with your smartphone. Just remember to lock your phone before you hop in the shower so your housemates don’t prank you by switching your Bon Iver playlist to Megadeth.