Even in an age of a prolific number of screens, a clock can be a functional and stylish piece to add to your home. Whether you prefer analog—with the hands and tick-tocking—or a digital version, the clock can keep you grounded in time and space. With so many lifestyles leaving us unable to remember what day it actually is, a clock serves as a constant. It can enhance your interior design aesthetic, and it can exist as a generally unobtrusive object that visitors will probably feel compelled to admire or comment on. Below are some strong clock options to help you tell the time.

This simple choice manages to make a statement. Amazon

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This clock can fit into nearly any room in your home, and its size and distinct hourly arms make it easy to read. Depending on your style, it comes in two versions: Scandinavian-style aged walnut or natural wood. Both options are made from bent beechwood, which demands a complex level of craftsmanship that you can’t find just anywhere. Despite its bold and modern look, this clock is ideally quiet, so you won’t hear it humming in the background all day.

Dial it back with a brand known for its longevity. Amazon

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This clock will bring a refined touch to your living room or office. From a reliable brand known for its excellence in wristwatches, this wall version descends from a legacy of consistency and quality. It has a wood finish and crystal glass, adding a degree of polish to any space. It also boasts a quiet motor, Roman numerals, and a legible dial, bringing you a satisfactory and well-rounded experience.

This bright pick is a joy to look at, and for practical reasons. Amazon

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If you love a diner and are always watching shows set in the ’70s, this clock is for you. Its crisp, black display is incredibly readable, and its glass face and metal body make it easy to clean. With shades of blue, green, or red, this 10-inch clock is bound to make a smart and punchy statement on your wall.

You can tell time on this device, even in low-light settings. Amazon

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If a sleek clock that comes in three shades and is made of stainless steel sounds like your bag, don’t sleep on this option. The rectangular display with clear, four-inch digits can be mounted on your wall or sit on top of a surface, such as a desk or shelf. As this is an atomic clock, it’ll set itself based on eight different time zones, making it extra easy to set up. Beyond time, this clock also will remind you about the date and temperature before you take on your day.