The best vacuums for people with pets

Models designed for picking up your fluffy friends’ hair.

You love your fur babies. Cleaning up after them, not so much. That’s why many big-name vacuum companies now manufacture special cleaners designed with pets owners in mind. These machine are tough on tricky pet hair, which can become matted into carpets and create tumbleweeds of fur on hard floors. Plus, with these, you won’t need to interrupt a vacuuming session to unclog the roller brush. Oh, and many models come complete with furniture attachments to keep upholstery looking fresh.

Enough suction to tackle the most stubborn pet hair. Amazon

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Zero-M’s self-cleaning capabilities actively remove obstructions from the brush roll as you vacuum, plus it comes with a complete with a 3XL dust cup with a nearly 3-quart capacity, so your cleaning session won’t be interrupted by snagged fur or a full tank. The Shark Navigator goes beyond floors, with an integrated, 12-foot extendable hose that’s ideal for furniture, curtains, stairs, and other tight or hard to reach places. Keep dust, dirt, and hair out of the air you breathe with the “Anti-Allergen Complete Seal,” which contains particles inside the vacuum.

Lift and remove embedded dirt and hair from multiple surfaces. Amazon

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Pet fur is no match for the Bissell Cleanview Rewind, which loosens, lifts, and removes dirt and hair from any surface in your home using a suped-up brush roll and specialized attachments. It’s also got “Scatter Free Technology,” which Bissell says reduces the amount of dust and dirt that tends to blow around while vacuuming hard floors.

A thorough clean at an affordable price. Amazon

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The lightweight, portable vacuum by Eureka is an affordable option that delivers a powerful, deep clean, washable filters, and bagless design. Pet owners will love attachments such as the dusting brush and tools for crevices and upholstery. Clean not just carpeted surfaces and hard floor, but ceilings, lampshades, furniture, and anywhere else sneaky pet hair and dust can hang out.

Suction to clean wherever your pet goes. Amazon

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Remove ground-in dirt and pet hair anywhere in your home or car—including places that cords don’t reach. The Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum can go wherever you (and your pets) wander. The hand vac’s 14V lithium-ion battery is a powerhouse of hair, dust, and dander suction and for a hand vac, the dust cup is pretty large, with a 0.7-liter capacity.