If you want to make your house feel a little brighter and cozier, string lights can help do the trick. Drape them around your window, patio, garden, or bed frame and you’ll enjoy a warm, home-y glow. We found twinkle lights that offer a cute decor touch and additional perks, like waterproof features and multiple brightness modes.

Comes with energy saving bulbs. Amazon

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These pretty, star-shaped string lights come in warm white, white or multicolored glows. They’re 49 feet long, so you can easily string them out over large spaces and they come with nine lighting modes, including slow glow, slow fade, and flashing. Built with waterproof, energy saving bulbs, these twinklers can stay safely outside, even in the rain.

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Easily keep these 200 LED lights charged with a USB plug-in installation, which can be plugged into your laptop or power bank. A remote control helps you adjust the brightness and set a timer for turning the lights on and off. Quickly switch between eight lighting modes, including twinkle and steady.

Works up to 15,000 hours. Amazon

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Forget cheaply designed, quick to discard string lights. This 300 LED light set works for up to 15,000 hours and the wire won’t overheat over time. You’ll get a warm white glow and waterproof lights, which make them the perfect backyard addition. Easily link the light strands from end-to-end for a more versatile design.

Create the lighting scheme that works for you. Amazon

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Adjust between ten different brightness modes with these 300 LED lights, creating the exact right atmospheric mood. A USB plug makes it super easy to keep the strings charged and a timer allows you to control how long you want the lights to stay on and off. You can select from multicolored, warm white, and white options.