It’s easy to overlook just how easy a steady supply of electricity makes modern living—a simple storm-triggered power outage or an extended camping stay in the woods will quickly reveal just how much we take for granted. Going off the grid and keeping access to electric power for heating, lighting, or even life-saving medical equipment is incredibly affordable and easy, and in some situations truly essential. Keep your options open and your peace of mind intact with a battery- or gasoline-powered generator to keep your quality of life elevated whether you’re out camping in an RV or hunkering down at home.

Here are a few of our favorite generators currently available.

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Powered by a 212cc, OHV engine, this gas-powered generator from Westinghouse features both a 120-volt household electricity receptacle as well as RV hookups at 20 amps. It works just as well for emergency home backup electricity as it does for outdoor projects or travel thanks to its portable, under 2-cubic-feet frame. The gasoline tank holds up to 2.6 gallons, which is enough to last for up to 18 hours of power.

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This portable power pack from Jackery comes with a 240-watt-hour rechargeable battery that pumps out a peak 400 watts of mobile electricity. Perfect for outdoor and camping use or as a supplemental backup, this generator sports a 110-volt AC outlet as well as two USB ports for charging mobile devices. Since it runs off a battery and not gasoline, this generator is quiet and runs cleanly with no exhaust. Plus, it pairs with Jackery’s line of solar panels, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor excursions and on-the-go recharging.

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For a portable generator that runs with the power capabilities of gasoline at half the volume, consider this one-gallon option from Wen. It runs at just 51 decibels, which is quieter than the average window air conditioning unit, and it runs at 1600 watts with the capability of surging up to 2000. The onboard USB and AC outlets can easily power a variety of devices in an emergency, and the compact tank size is still enough to provide power for around six hours at half load.

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If you live in a remote area, in a densely populated area, or in a place where bad weather is a constant consideration, home power outages are all but guaranteed. This generator from Generac is designed to be an end-all solution to the inconvenience, uncertainty, and hazard of power outages, running on standby and ready to kick in at a moment’s notice. It hooks up to your gas line and runs for as long as needed until your power returns, providing up to 16-kilowatts over its 200-amp transfer switch. The enclosure is rated for indoor and outdoor use, and you can monitor the system status and control your generator entirely using Wi-Fi.