The best paper filters for your coffee machine

There are more options than you’d think.

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No traditional drip coffee maker is complete without paper filters. They’re available in bulk, often at a wide variety of quantities depending on their features and the type of paper they’re made from. If you make multiple pots of joe a day, you might want to buy more filters at a time; if you put sustainability at the top of your priority list, a small-batch, natural paper option might be the way to go instead. Whichever type of paper coffee filter you may end up with, we’ll break down a few of our favorites to make your choice easier and make that next cup of coffee a little more satisfying.

Here are our favorite paper coffee machine filters currently on the market.

These filters from Pro Mael check all the boxes for the most common coffee-brewing situations, thanks in part to their sturdy design and chlorine-free manufacturing process. The seam is free of adhesive but still robust enough to regulate the flow of water through your grounds, decreasing the likelihood of weak coffee forming. In addition to being environmentally friendly due to being unbleached, they’re also thick enough to filter out sediments and oils that other filters might let through.

If You Care offers these fantastic filters in a pack of 100 that are made to environmentally-friendly standards and built tough enough to function well, too. The paper is sourced from responsibly managed, Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests and it’s processed without chlorine, making the manufacturing process easier on the environment. They’re designed with a patented wave-design seam for extra stability, and they’re compostable, too.

These biodegradable filters from Rupert and Jeoffrey’s Trading Co. are a great bulk option if you’re looking to use unbleached, natural paper in your coffee maker. Unlike bleached paper which uses chlorine in the manufacturing process, natural paper filters offer the benefit of having a lower chemical impact on the environment. These paper filters are great for any traditional drip coffee maker with a capacity from eight to 12 cups.

If cost efficiency is your main concern, look no further than this 600-pack of coffee filters from Melitta. Perfect for offices and households that do a lot of entertaining, these filters fit almost all standard 8- to 12-cup coffee makers on the market. They’re designed to be thick enough to prevent breakage and leaking when full of used grounds, but still thin enough to take up a minimal amount of storage space even at this quantity.