Our favorite coffee beans on the market

Say no to low-grade joe.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start taking coffee seriously. Third wave coffee roasters make it possible to have top-quality coffee at home, so why settle for less? Instant coffee is weak and sludgy, and the pre-ground grocery store stuff drinks more like a tap on the shoulder than a kick in the pants. Make the transition to ethically sourced, freshly roasted, smaller batch beans for a stronger, more flavorful cup in the a.m.

Think of all you could do with that extra jolt of energy! And once you get into the groove of grinding beans and making awesome coffee, you’ll skip the hipster barista at the cafe and save a small fortune. Here are some of our favorite specialty coffees on the market right now.

Tastes fresh from the roastery. Amazon


Freshly roasted whole bean organic coffee from Stumptown. Based in Portland, they sustainably source and roast coffee with care, packing it bags that keep the beans fresh for up to 90 days if unopened. The Founders Blend boasts notes of cocoa, praline, and raisin.

Choose your own adventure. Amazon


Variety junkies will love this sampler pack of Bones Coffee, which comes with five different 4-oz bags of beans. Their flavors are funky and fun, and this pack includes S’morey Time, Highland Grog, Maple Bacon, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Sinn-O-Bun. The beans are 100 percent Brazilian arabica and are packed in conveniently resealable bags.

A serious and mysterious cup of joe. Amazon


La Colombe sustainably sources coffee from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Brazil—blending the beans to create the beautifully dark Corsica. Notes of red wine, spice, nuts, and chocolate give this brew a rich aroma and robust texture.

Ethically sourced and easy to love. Amazon


Intelligentsia’s direct trade practices support their growers all over the world. Their house blend is a mix of coffees from Burundi, Colombia, and Rwanda, creating a bright and accessible flavor profile. This coffee is well rounded, with notes of apple, citrus, and milk chocolate. If you’re into more fruit-forward coffees that aren’t too acidic, the Intelligentsia House Blend is a great choice.