If you spend any time working on your computer at a desk, a monitor arm is an essential piece of equipment that will streamline your workflow and keep your space ergonomic and tidy. Not only can an arm lift your display off a surface, freeing the desktop up for other uses and reducing wire clutter, but it also brings the screen to a comfortable height and allows you the flexibility to pivot and view it from a number of angles. Mounting your monitor on an arm also makes your space easier to clean, and the result is an undeniably sleek and integrated look without the bulky, conspicuous factory base. The best part of all is that they’re incredibly easy to install on just about every monitor out there.

Take a look at this list of our favorite monitor arms currently available.

Tilts 90 degrees and swings a full 360. Amazon

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Mount-It offers this single arm mount for monitors anywhere between 19 and 32 inches. It’s made of a strong aluminum alloy with a black finish and it supports screens weighing up to 17.6 pounds. The C-clamp and grommet assembly allow secure installation on desks up to two inches thick, and the unique quick-detach VESA plate makes for easy setup and teardown if you anticipate rearranging your office. There’s also a built-in cable management system within the arm to further reduce clutter and keep your desk looking clean.

Available in a variety of pole heights for different desks. Amazon

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The Ergotron LX monitor arm is an option that excels in situations where stability is to be ensured and style is a major consideration. This robust and sleek arm comes in three finishes—black, white, and polished aluminum—and it can support VESA-compatible screens at up to 25 pounds in weight and 36 inches across. It offers 13 inches of vertical lift, 360 degrees of rotation and 75 degrees of tilt, which allow it to be flexible in a variety of workspace conditions including sit-and-stand desks and creative studios.

Smooth and easy adjustment within a wide height range of 13 inches. Amazon

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If work conditions call for using two monitors in tandem, this dual-mount monitor stand from AmazonBasics stands out for its robust yet minimal design. Each arm can independently support up to 20 pounds, and they’re joined together by a single central desk clamp. The design offers independent screen rotation and positioning, and each can tilt back up to 70 degrees or forward by 5 degrees. For gaming setups, creative studios, and even traditional offices, a dual-monitor setup is a great way to boost efficiency, and if you’ve got the space, this is the arm for the job.

Over 16 inches of forward extension. Amazon

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Vivo’s single-arm monitor stand is a cost-effective option that can support and lift screens up to 27 inches in size. Made of aluminized steel and carrying a weight capacity of 22 pounds, it features an integrated cable management system, heavy duty C clamp, and an optional grommet attachment for installing the arm directly into a desk surface. The articulating arm offers 15 degrees of tilt and full 360-degree rotation and swivel so you can place the screen wherever you need it and stow it away when you don’t.