Dog nail clippers and grinders for well-manicured paws

Home grooming solutions.

Deciding with your vet whether or not Sampson or Nugget needs regular claw trims is simple. Getting your canine pal to offer a paw is another thing entirely. If you’re determined to avoid the cost of regular visits to the groomers, you’ll need a good pair of nail clippers or a nail grinder, along with plenty of comforting words for pacifying your pooch. With patience, skill, and the right tools, get the job done in the comfort of your own home with a minimum of harrowing howls. These four excellent options will help you master your technique—and earn a treat for both of you.

Trim those tiny paws. Amazon

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If your dog’s paws can best be described as itsy-bitsy or teensy-weeensy, this pair of nail clippers may do the trick. Unlike some clippers, it does not have a nail guard, so you’ll need to be extra careful not to cut into the quick of the nail. However, the stainless steel blades are angled so you can more easily see what you’re doing, and the handle is designed to be gripped securely as you work.

It’s spa day for your Doberman or German Shepard. Amazon

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The pastel blue accents and cute paw print logo on this pair of nail clippers won’t likely do anything to soothe your pet, but they might just soothe you as you get ready to tame Dragon into allowing a mani/pedi. It’s best for for medium to extra-large dogs, and features a safety guard to protect against over-cutting. These clippers are also spring-loaded, which helps you quickly trim nails in the narrow window of time you have before your dogger stops playing nice. The pair comes with a free nail file for the finer details. Just be sure to use non-toxic pet-safe polish if you decide to paint their toes.

Everyone can feel a little fancy. Amazon

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If you’ve got a dachshund mix, an enormous everything dog, and a very tolerant cat, these adjustable clippers can give all your pets (up to about 100 pounds) the grooming they need. Assess the precise cut you want and then turn a small wheel between the handles to change the blade opening to the right amount. Use the laser-etched markings on the tip of the clippers to guide your choice, and modify for each pet lucky enough to have you as a conscientious pet parent.

Be a lapidary for your labradoodle. Amazon

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For pets who view their claws as flawless gems—or at least really really hate nail clippers—an electric nail grinder is an alternative that might get a wag of approval. Hold the diamond bit against your pup’s nail to quickly grind it down to the desired amount with less risk of causing pain. The cordless cylindrical grinder works with a wide range of canines (as well as felines, ferrets, and birds), charges with a USB cable, and operates with a minimum of noise. This set also comes with a standard pair of dog nail clippers with a guard you can try out as you and your dog gain confidence.