Many dogs delight in trotting through puddles or splashing with wild abandon into murky ponds. Sadly, the prospect of being hosed down with warm and gentle water and nice-smelling shampoo afterward doesn’t have the same appeal. While we can’t guarantee your muddy mutt won’t still hide from bath time, these tools for pet parents can help you turn your disheveled doggie into a pristine pooch with minimum collateral damage to your bathroom.

A paw for your hand. Amazon

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Have you ever tried to wrestle a wet, soapy, and grumpy pup with one hand while trying to control the hose on your shower head from spraying all over the walls? This clever invention was launched as a Kickstarter project in 2017 and features a sprayer and scrubber that slips over your hand and has an on/off switch you can activate in the center of your palm. Attach the eight foot hose to your shower or garden hose and efficiently soap and rinse without worrying about accidentally releasing your sudsy shepherd.

Wash those icky, sticky paws. Amazon

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Some dogs will offer their paws nicely when asked, but if they’ve been digging up unknown artifacts in the soil, good luck! Instead of awkwardly swabbing at their toes when you get home from the park, just add water to this tumbler and gently put in one foot at a time. Twist the tumbler to let the silicone bristles loosen the dirt on your dog’s foot and trap it in the container. Then dry each paw on a towel before letting your canine archaeologist loose on your carpet. It’s BPA free and comes in three different sizes to accommodate creatures great and small.

Does your pup sing in the shower? Amazon

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Let’s face it. The average shower head is not designed for dogs, who are necessarily longer than they are tall on account of walking around on all fours. This shower attachment is like a watery comb you can move over their body to rinse away suds. The wand attachment is 13 inches long and works with indoor and outdoor showers, and there’s a dial at the base of the wand that makes it easy to switch the spray between narrow and “Watercomb” settings with one hand. Turn on the narrow setting to clean your furry pal’s undercarriage with less risk of misting yourself in the face. Note: if you live in a state that requires low-flow showerheads, choose the Aquapaw instead.

Also saves water. Amazon

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If your dog and baths are over each other, this wonderful machine may just save your pup from perpetual stinkiness. You don’t even need a tub or shower stall. Push the trigger on the nozzle to spray water and shampoo against your dog’s skin as you brush them, and then release the trigger as you go back over their fur to gently suck up the spray. Dirty water is routed to a separate tank, and the machine comes with three grooming clips and nozzles so you can find the best combination for your dog’s size and type of fur. You can also use it to clean your carpet or upholstery. Dogs under 15 pounds and dogs who are terrified of vacuums should not use this product, though you can try vacuum training with treats and a sound dampening mat (included) if your pal is intent on finding the lesser of two evils.