We know it’s never fun to put your pooch in their crate or cage, but it’s unavoidable at times. It’s super important to find a cage that is comfortable for your pup no matter their size, shape, or breed. Below are a few of the sturdiest cages we could find, so next time you can throw in a few of your good boy’s favorite toys or treats and rest assured that they are happy and out of harm’s way.

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This double-door crate is the perfect solution when it comes to keeping your pet secure. It includes a divider panel, two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches to firmly keep the door in place, and patented round side clips to hold the cage together without creating any sharp edges. The base is waterproof and leak-proof, so if your buddy has an accident it will be contained and easy to clean. The crate is foldable, which is super convenient for travel, and it has four roller feet to protect your floors. This particular model is great for large dogs and measures 42 x 28 x 30 inches, but check out the other cages from MidWest to find more sizes.

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If you have a puppy you might not need to invest in a cage with multiple doors and extra features…yet. This foldable crate from Carlson Pet Products has a simple, single-door design with a removable, washable base and is great for dogs that weigh under 45 pounds. It measures 30 x 19 x 21 inches and is particularly great for car travel if your little guy keeps distracting you when he jumps all over the backseat. Just like other products listed here, Carlson makes cages in various sizes (just in case your tiny puppy decides to get a little bit bigger).

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This cage has many of the features we love in the other products listed here: a washable/removable base, foldable for storage, and a superior lock system. However, this crate is particularly suited for small dogs up to 15 pounds. It has a great topside door that will allow you to gently lower your companion into the crate, which you can then keep open if you want to give them a little more room. This door is also perfect for scooping your pup out if they tend to be skittish or scared of a new environment.

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One of the most common reasons a dog owner needs a cage or kennel is for travel and this crate from SportPet is a great option. It was two carrier handles, for attachable wheels for easy navigation, 2 dishes for pet snacks and water, with metal slats to mitigate chewing. Inside the crate is a moat so any accidents or spills are pulled away from your pet’s body, keeping them clean and healthy. This kennel comes in multiple sizes marked as small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and 3XL so make sure you look at the measurement carefully when choosing the right size for your pooch.