Cozy dog beds that help them rest easy

Make their nights a little less ruff.

Your pup might like to snooze with their head on your shoes or doze on the cool tiles of your bathroom floor, but that’s no substitute for a real bed. Memory foam can help support their weary bones just like people beds, and soft and snuggly beds can help them feel comforted when you’re not around to lean on. If you try to keep your furry pal from hogging the blankets and snoring in your ear, a designated pet bed can also help establish good sleep hygiene for the both of you. Here are our favorites.

Put your sausage dog in a bagel. Amazon

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Any kind of dog can tuck themselves into this rounded twill bed. It’s available in four sizes for dogs up to 110 pounds, and in a range of attractive colors including blue, khaki, and burgundy. Greyhounds with cold noses can burrow their snouts into the bed where the base meets the side, and winsome Weimaraners can rest their chins on the edge and gaze at you sadly until you give them a treat. This easy-to-clean bed is made from cotton and polyester twill fabric with polyester filling and a base that’s water-resistant. Just throw the whole bed into your washing machine to counter dirt and slobbery tongues.

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This round and soft bed is 21 inches in diameter, and offers your rescue pug or chihuahua a soothing place to curl up for a nap. The corduroy-style exterior of the bed is lined with a mock shearling fabric perfect for snuggling, and overstuffed with a polyester fill made with recycled plastic bottles. A non-slip surface on the bottom helps keep it in place on a hardwood floor. If your furry pal wears clothes, we won’t judge if you buy them a bed to match their outfit—you can get one in teal, brown, black, pink, and a stylish grey and white stripe.

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No one wants to purchase a high-end memory foam mattress only to sink into a dent that a naughty Golden Retriever has left from sleeping there while you’re at work. With this orthopedic pet bed they’ll have 3-4 inches of their very own memory-foam (depending on the size you choose), which includes a layer of temperature-regulating gel foam. Arthritic pets may find the extra support for their joints helps them rest more comfortably. Each bed has a water-resistant cover enclosing the memory foam underneath a removable and machine-washable top cover. If you purchase extra covers (like sherpa and buffalo plaid), everyone can change their “sheets” on laundry day.

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If your dog has worked hard, played hard, and loved hard—maybe just a little too hard—this orthopedic memory foam dog bed could be a great fit. It has a bolstered edge for pets to rest their weary heads on or cozy up against while they dream of ultimate frisbee and extra snacks. The core of the bed includes cooling gel for surface temperature regulation and a base layer with charcoal to minimize odors. The cover features hidden zippers to prevent snagging on your furever friend, and can easily be removed and tossed in the washing machine.