Outdoor tool sheds can be a real game changer for the busy homeowner. Being able to quickly access your tools, outdoor furniture, and hoses can make your home maintenance quicker and more efficient. Organized storage prevents items from being lost, and reduces clutter in and around your yard.

We’ve selected the best outdoor tool sheds depending on the size of your storage needs. If you don’t have a garage, you can get a larger garden shed and use it to store all your outdoor needs like tools, lawn mowers, bikes, grills, and pool floats. Smaller storage sheds can help for quick access to garden basics, and even be used on balconies or in smaller condo units.

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This storage shed is larger in size, featuring an impressive 395.5 cubic feet of space. The indoor height of the shed is also more than 7 feet tall, which makes access inside easy as adults can stand up freely. Although the shed has a wood look, the material is actually made of polypropylene resin plastic and steel—so rust, rot, and peeling paint will never be an issue. A skylight and two windows allow natural light in for added ventilation. The flooring of the shed is reinforced to support heavy equipment. It does require assembly.

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This is a great option if you are looking for a smaller tool shed. The interior holds only about 26 cubic feet—so a perfect small tool shed solution. A unique feature of this shed is that it has multiple door openings; not only are the front doors opened, but the roof “door” can be opened as well. You decide how to open it, which makes this versatile depending on your needs. Slide this up to the side of your house, fence or garage for quick access to garden tools.

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This steel storage shed is a practical 5 by 3 by 6 feet. The 6-foot walls make it practical for long-handled garden tools. The metal is finished with 2 shades of grey (flute grey and anthracite) giving it a neutral look that blends into most yards. The unit offers two wide swinging doors allowing for easy access to wider items. This shed has to be assembled, and does not include flooring, as floor kits must be ordered according to the type of ground it’ll sit on.