Mechanical keyboards for gamers and writers

Get tactile feedback with every click.

mechanical keyboard on a desk
A satisfying click-click-click to keep you going.Arthur Reeder via Unsplash

The average person types about 8,000 keystrokes every hour. What if each of those keystrokes could give you a gratifying clicking sensation? We’re talking about the feeling of a mechanical keyboard, which has a physical spring-loaded switch under each key to record keystrokes (normal keyboard uses a rubber dome and plastic membranes that records the depression of the key, which means it doesn’t fully sink or spring back). Mechanical keyboards can give you faster, more accurate keystrokes, and make typing a more pleasurable experience with tactile feedback and sound—some can even recreate the feeling of a typewriter.

Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
A budget-friendly, versatile keyboard with clicky keys.Amazon

This keyboard comes with 104 keys and custom switches with medium resistance and satisfying, audible clicks. The keys are plate mounted, which makes the keyboard more durable. You can choose LED backing colors for the keyboard: red, rainbow, or RBG (red-blue-green), with customizable lighting modes. It’s got a slim profile and a splash-resistant design, and would work as well for typing up a report as well as gaming.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard
This keyboard is designed to withstand action from serious gamers.Amazon

This keyboard is designed with avid gamers in mind. It uses Cherry MX Speed RGB key switches, with 1.2 millimeter actuation (that’s how much you need to press down for the keystroke to register). Its anodized brushed aluminum frame is designed to hold up, and it’s got super customizable backlighting—you can customize the lighting to each key, and create low key mood lighting or a flashy light show. There are six dedicated macro keys you can customize—assign a frequently used key stroke, or a complex combo. It comes with a comfortable wrist rest, and would work perfectly as an expressive keyboard even if you never plan on gaming.

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard
A premium mechanical keyboard that will make you feel like you’re using a typewriter.Amazon

Miss the romance of typewriters? What if you could get that same experience (and aesthetic), while writing your novel on your tablet? This deluxe keyboard recreates the aesthetic of a vintage typewriter, with an all metal construction, typewriter-inspired keys, and Cherry MX switches. It has a built in tablet stand, and bluetooth connectivity for up to three devices, as well as a wired USB mode.