The best jigsaws for your next project

Precise cuts through wood, metal, plastic, and more.

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For any DIY project that requires cutting wood, metal, plastic, and insulation, a jigsaw should be your go-to tool. With swappable toothed blades made for different materials, tilting shoes for angled cuts, and orbiting sawing motion, a smooth, precise and ready-to-sand cut is exactly what you get every time. No need to cut in only straight lines, either—jigsaws are perfect for cutting shapes and curves into your material of choice. Regardless of whether putting metal siding on a building, cutting picture frames, or just making a birdhouse, this time-saving tool should be the next one on your list.

Check out this list of the best jigsaws currently available.

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This corded jigsaw from Black+Decker features a five-amp variable speed motor and an adjustable shoe that’s great for making perfect bevel cuts at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The Curve Control feature allows you to choose from one of four orbit settings depending on the toughness and thickness of the material you’re cutting through. Your line of sight also stays uninterrupted thanks to the wire guard, and the onboard dust blower keeps the mess away from your cut area.

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The DeWalt Max Jig Saw is a wireless solution for mobile projects, outdoor work sites and other situations where you’ll need a battery pack to get your cuts done. The 20-volt battery ensures plenty of running time and the LED and blower ensure that you consistently see what you’re doing. Keyless blade swapping means it’s fast and easy to switch between cutting different materials. Battery and blades sold separately.

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For projects where absolute precision is key and you’re cutting sensitive materials such as plastics, this Tacklife jigsaw gets the job done. The laser light onboard is a constant and unambiguous guide for your cutting path, and the blower keeps sawdust out of the path of your blade. Cutting at up to 3,300 strokes per minute, this jigsaw works through wood up to 4.25 inches thick and metal up to 3/8 inches thick.