Save $25 on this tool that helps get rid of pet odor in your home

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Pets, in general, are a joy to live with. They’re instant sources of entertainment, cuddling partners, and just good ‘ol companions. But while you swear you would never exchange the experience of living with your furry pals for anything else, you must admit that there are a few drawbacks to doing so. For one, your willpower vanishes when they make googly eyes to get more treats. For another, they stink—full stop.

No matter how often you bathe your pet, they still have the tendency to smell funky. As a pet parent, the onus is on you to get rid of the funk without getting rid of the pet. You can always scrub and try all sorts of cleaning methods, but if you want to make less of an effort, you may want to try the VentiFresh Plus. Just in time for those still celebrating Pet Day (which is everything really), it’s available on sale for 29-percent off.

Rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers, VentiFresh Plus uses the same photocatalyst technology NASA uses in the International Space Station to eliminate unpleasant odors. In layman’s terms, its UV catalyst core decomposes odor through natural photosynthesis and produces clean air as a result. This product, which has seen overwhelming success on IndieGoGo, is capable of getting rid of bad smells and germs brought about by things like cat litter, shoes, food, and the other microbes that come with them.

It’s also incredibly portable and is only about the size of a lemon, so you can place it anywhere you wish. It’s recommended to situate it in odor-prone areas, including the shoe closet, the fridge, the laundry room, or even inside your gym bag. Endgadget described it as, “A sure shot solution to make your home environment odor-free.”

Keep the air around you fresh and clean anytime, anywhere. VentiFresh Plus normally costs $84, but in celebration of Pet Day, you can get it on sale for only $58.99.

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