Keep your cat entertained for hours with this self-rotating ball

Your cat will love pouncing on this discounted toy.

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Providing your cat with enrichment toys isn’t just fun for them, it’s also an important part of their mental and physical health. This is even more important if you’re a single-cat family or if your feline friend is strictly indoors, because they often don’t get the stimulation that they need.  

That’s why having a wide selection of feline enrichment toys is important for both you and your cat. Not only does having a wide selection of cat toys keep your cat from finding trouble, but it also gives them a variety of ways to stay active and stimulated throughout the day. One great choice for an interactive toy is the Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser and right now it’s on sale for $28.99 (reg. $32).

This isn’t your average cat ball. This interactive cat toy ball can do a stellar 360-degree rotation, which is definitely going to increase your cat’s curiosity and the colorful LED lights that change with the movement of the ball will keep them engaged.

This mini-sized interactive ball is suitable for multiple floor surfaces like wooden floors, tile floors, and thin carpets. The intelligent sensor system detects and avoids any obstacles that are in its path. It’s also touch-activated, so if your cat needs to take a break, the ball will enter an automatic standby state after 3 minutes of not being used.  

On a full charge, the Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser will last for up to 4 hours so it’ll keep your cat busy for quite a long time while you get some work done. When it’s time to charge, you just use the USB port that comes with it and charge it for about 1.5 hours. 

If you’re ready to give your cat a pouncing good time, the Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser is usually $32, but right now it’s on sale for $28.99

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