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If there’s anything the past two years has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with buying in bulk—at least for groceries. Purchasing in bulk can save you a few emergency trips to the store, and having tons of supplies handy can help you weather through days when you can’t leave your home. You’ll also spend less money over time since you’re buying many of the same items for a cheaper price instead of one by one. And besides, buying in bulk also means a trip to the warehouse club, which is pretty much Disneyland for adults.

If you haven’t made yourself a member of any club yet, now’s the ideal time to snag a membership to Sam’s Club. With this limited-time-only deal, you won’t only score a membership to one of the biggest warehouse clubs in America, but you’ll also get a $10 gift card that nets you additional savings. This deal is a huge hit, rated 5/5 stars by nearly 80 verified purchasers. 

If you sign up as a Sam’s Club member today, you’ll only be paying $19.99 for a 1-year membership, a $25 discount from the usual $45. And when you make your first in-club purchase, you’ll receive scrumptious perks, including a free seasoned rotisserie chicken and a box of 8 gourmet cupcakes. Plus, you’ll get a complimentary household card for more savings from already low-priced items, giving you the chance to score some items for almost free.

The benefits don’t stop at signing up, of course! You’ll also be able to snag a $10 e-gift card for additional savings. It will be sent through the email address you used for your membership, and you can use it on anything you buy from the club. Simply present it at the checkout counter in your local club or online. You can even use it at Walmart or if you wish.

Join the club (literally) and enjoy endless savings with Sam’s Club. Grab a 1-year membership and exciting perks for only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.