Save almost $150 on this cryotherapy-compression device

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There’s nothing like a warm bath after a long day at work to soothe your muscles and offer the instant relaxation you’re craving for. For most people, the answer to muscle pain and other aches in the body is massage and exposure to heat, and the science is there to prove it. But what many don’t know is cold therapy is a popular treatment too. 

Cold therapy comes in many forms, including an ice bath, cold shower, ice pack, and topical cooling agents. There’s also a technique called cryotherapy, and it involves exposing the body or a specific body part to cold temperatures for a set amount of time to soothe inflammation, improve circulation, spike energy levels, and more.You can enjoy what cryotherapy has to offer with a tool like the CryoFrost Compression System, only $249.99 (reg. $399). 

Designed to combine the benefits of cold therapy and compression technology, it helps muscles and joints feel soothed on their way to complete recovery. It can be used to help address issues in thighs, knees, calves, and arms. A total of 5 compression intensities are built-in, which you can then adjust at any point during the session to customize your therapy.

Unlike other cold compression therapy devices with cold ice packs, the CryoFrost is designed to be lightweight enough to be carried around and use from anywhere. That might contribute to rave reviews about the product in New York Magazine, GQ, CNET, Forbes, and other leading publications. 

Its ice therapy machine with compression comes equipped with everything you need to conduct and enjoy cold therapy: thigh and ankle wraps, gel ice packs, control pump, AC/DC adapter, carrying bag, user manual, and even a screwdriver. Once you’re ready, simply wrap the cryotherapy cold pack around the affected area, set the timer, relax, and let the machine do the work.

Normally retailing for $399, this CryoFrost Compression System is on sale for only $249.99—a savings of 37 percent.

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