Save 12% on this smart visual ear cleaner that’s equipped with a 1080p camera

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is on sale right now for $34.95.

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Who can’t relate to the joy experienced by twirling a Q-tip around your ears? Removing earwax is something that is very hard to resist. Unfortunately, they can actually be quite useless and potentially dangerous. So what are you supposed to do if you have ear wax that you want to be removed? Fortunately, you can purchase the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner for a 12% discount.

With this ear cleaner, you can stream a full view inside of your ear, right to your phone, with a 360-degree wide angle as well as a 1080p HD image. Silicone earbud spoons ensure that the wax removal process doesn’t scratch the ear canal, and a 350mAh battery can offer upwards of 1.5 hours of run time. Additionally, it comes with an IP7 waterproof-grade lens, making it easy to clean with both water and alcohol. Plus, this item is versatile; it can also be used to check other body parts like your throat, teeth, scalp roots, and your nasal cavity. The best part? It’s light and very easy to take with you on the go.

A product this handy has no shortage of praise amongst verified purchasers. One purchaser loved how clear the stream was and said, “When used in conjunction with my iPad it gives a high-definition look inside your ear canal. Great product for removing wax!” Another satisfied customer enjoyed just how effective it was, saying, “This item does what it says. easy to use, and cleans the ears very well. Would recommend to anyone.”

Right now you can treat yourself to cleaner ears with the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner (Storage Box Version) for just $34.95. Normally retailing for $39, that’s a discount of 12%.

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