Why solar power? Well it’s cleaner, more sustainable energy. It’s virtually infinite, unlike fossil fuels, and you don’t have to drill into the earth to get to it. It doesn’t seep or spill into our oceans. It doesn’t pollute our air or give people black lung disease.

It’s also really convenient for powering consumer gadgets when you’re on the go. You may find yourself without an outlet, but chances are, you’ll always be near the sun.

Most useful: Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel Charge For Cell Phones and 5V Device Power Supply

Carry It With You

Weather-proof hiking pack. Amazon

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This ECEEN weather-proof hiking backpack is made of nylon and polyester and comes with an attachable 7-watt solar panel. The solar panel doesn’t hold a charge—it’s not a battery pack—but will charge your device when it’s light makes contact with the panel, which has a built-in five-volt port to charge your USB devices. The backpack weighs less than three pounds, has plenty of storage pockets, and comes with a 1.8-liter hydration bladder.

Easy attachment: Schwinn LED Solar Powered Bike Light, Simple Tool Free Mounting

Always See Where You’re Heading

Rechargeable beams for your bike. Amazon

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The Schwinn water-resistant LED bike lights run on rechargeable batteries that are powered via the sun. The set comes with a headlight and taillight and accompanying mounts that fit most standard bikes. The red rear light has three lighting modes—rapid flash, slow flash, and a steady mode.

Two ways to illuminate: Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

Rugged Design

Backup light for all situations. Amazon

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These Simpeak flashlights come with a built-in battery that can be charged using the solar panel—it even absorbs light from strong lightbulbs—or by using the hand-crank. A one-minute crank will produce up to ten minutes of light. The flashlight has an attached carabiner, so you can snap it onto your belt loops or backpack.

Work on vacation: Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Super Comfortable

Finish your daily duties from anywhere. Amazon

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Logitech’s wireless K750 keyboard is only one-third of an inch thick and connects to your computer via a USB receiver plugged into your laptop. Any light source will power the keyboard, which holds a three-month charge.

Most versatile: BigBlue 28W Solar Charger

Don’t Limit Yourself

Water-resistant with two ports. Amazon

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BigBlue’s 21.9-ounce, 28-watt solar charger is encased in a durable, weather-resistant polymer fabric. It delivers a super-fast charge to your device—there are two USB ports—and has a zippered pocket to keep your devices safe while they charge. It folds up, making it pretty portable, too.

For your home: BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights

Visibility Means You Won’t Trip Over A Rake

Will recharge as long as there is sunlight Amazon

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These Baxia Technology solar outdoor lights comes in packs of four, require no wiring, and are weather-resistant. Each light has 28 LEDs that and are triggered by motion.

For urgent situations: RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio


Comes with multiple charging options. Amazon

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The RunningSnail AM/FM weather alert radio can be powered four ways: by hand-crank, solar power, microUSB, or AAA batteries. The radio features a one-watt LED flashlight, 2000mAh battery—12 hours of light or about 6 hours of radio—and has an SOS alarm that makes a loud noise and flashes a red emergency light.

Best for education: 4M Green Science Solar Rover Kit DIY Solar Power

Know How It Works

Teach your children. Amazon

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4Ms educational solar rover kit comes with everything you need to build a single solar-powered soda can vehicle. It’s recommended for ages eight and up.